Teeth and TAn

Teeth whitening and Spray Tanning


Professional teeth whitening

Teeth whitening up to 7 shades in 1 session. Touch ups are recommended on occasion to keep away stains. Treatments can be done as early as 3 months.  Full whitening session is 1 hour, touch ups are 30 min and remineralizing is 10min.

  • Teeth whitening 1 hour session $100
  • Touch up $50
  • Teeth Remineralizing $25


Spray tans are airbrushed on in the intensity of your choice. The color is very natural, no orange hue. It is recommended to exfoliate and clean body with no lotions for best results before session. Session takes approximately 1 hour. 

  • Single session $35
  • Package of 6 $150